Welcome to Dong Qing Homestay, a peaceful family-run bed-and-breakfast situated in Pingtung County of Chaozhou. Chaozhou is an urban township, which provides great lifestyle support with well-known Local Cuisine, for instance, Ice shavings with hot sweet soup、Papaya milk、Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice、Char Kuey Teow and so on. Chaozhou is located near the heart of Pingtung County, and is surrounded by tourist attractions such as the Million Gold Mary Temple、Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area、Kenting Beach and National Park, etc.

The Dong Qing Homestay was completed in 2015. It is a friendly, comfortable and brand-new place to stay in Pingtung County. Decorated in a plain style but with a luxurious layout of architecture, the bright and airy bedrooms each have a private modern bathroom with a set of L’OCCITANE. There are easy connections to the airports and rail networks from Chaozhou Station, just 450 meters and a mere five-minute walk from to Qing Homestay.

Your hosts are Dong Qing, and a key point is that they have been trading in Taiwanese tea for many years, and the property features the fragrance of Taiwanese tea that will lure you to drink anytime as hot tea is constantly provided in the hotel lobby. Cold Brew Tea is the most famous drink for locals; and Dong Qing take the same painstaking care over each step in the process of bringing the outstanding gourmet taste of Cold Brew Tea to our customers. We pride ourselves on attentive and friendly service. By the way, tea is a popular and favorite souvenir for tourists, and if you like it, giving a souvenir item as a gift is a warm thing to do!

If you have any questions about the B&B, please feel free to ask us!
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Dong Qing B&B